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Rebranding: More than Colors and a Great Logo

Rebranding involves a lot more than colors and a great logo, but boy is it fun when you get to that stage of the process.

I did a complete 180’ from my bold, neon color palette and playful graphics. I’m still over here doing cartwheels and high kicks every time I get to work on one of my amazing client’s creative projects. However, I wanted to establish my authority in my areas of expertise in a more impactful way.

One way I do this is by delivering consistently the outcomes my clients desire, but also by creating a stellar brand. I’m now 50 years old. My knowledge base and confidence in my skill sets, along with appealing to my target audience made rebranding a must.

Stay tuned for more details on why I chose the pine tree and pine cone as design elements.

What things areas of your brand have you decided to grow and mature this year?

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