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Working with micro and nano influencers is simpler
than you think. 

Word of mouth and testimonials remain powerful methods of persuasion because they come from trusted sources such as friends, family members, or notable individuals. They are still the most influential in determining our purchasing decisions. Hence, friends are the essence of the modern "influencer" phenomenon.

Consumers have spoken! They've demanded from brands more transparency, green and social responsibility, and authenticity. Supermodels, paid actors, and celebrities are in high demand because of their visibility, but so are micro-influencers. Their realness, unedited, personal vibe has helped them amass followers that trust them. Partnering and collaborating with these smaller influencers can potentially take your brand from obscure to viral with one post.

What you'll learn in this course.

What is a

Why work
with MI’s?

How to find the right MI for your brand?

How to work with MI’s?

Get the know-how and insights you need to make working with MI's simple.

Choose a date that works best for you.

Attention! The same information will be covered in both cohorts.




Admittance to the virtual class.
Digital workbook included.

Workroom Session

Admittance to the virtual class.
Digital workbook included.
Virtual small group sessions to put
into action all that you've learned.



Ebonie M. Mukasa is a vibrant, catalytic agent whose unique gift invigorates individuals, moving them from where they are to a place of faith, hope, and love in action, and positioning themselves to be a solution. Through her boutique consultancy, WEBNIE Creative Solutions founded in 2011, she has helped non-profits, private schools, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and ministries bring their ideas to life. In 2013, she launched OUCHGirl | OWNYOURCURLYHAIR brand and blog, to encourage women to love their natural selves at every stage of life. In 2019, she launched OUCHGreyGirl, a division of OUCHGirl, LLC., to encourage and inspire women who have embarked on their grey hair journey. An emerging micro-influencer in her own right, she has collaborated with brands like CurlMix, Donna's Recipe by Tabitha Brown, Brite Hair, Manhattan Grey, Hairstory, and others. Her micro-influencer platform inspires women to "own their natural".

Beauty Vlogger
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